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“Never trust a tidy desk”....

When asked why, the reply was “tidy desk – empty mind”.  This was the surprisingly clinical burst of wisdom from an advertising editor over 20 years ago and it made a lasting impact.  

We'd been talking about passion... creativity... ideas... following a painfully dismal editorial brainstorming session.  Not an idea in sight.  Why?  Well, the subject was somewhat dry.  None of us had the slightest interest...  No passion in sight.  Now, if just one of us had considered this from our client’s customer perspective, or just one of us had demonstrated a sudden an “unexpected passion” for this new subject, it just could have been so different.

According to the editor, the best ideas erupt from a torrent of creative mayhem, fuelled by a perhaps unexpected and sudden passion for the particular subject, and structured by an editorial exchange (think of those old telephone exchanges... lines of inter-connection).  His belief was that a tidy desk represented a stark desert of creativity, a famine of passion. And without passion, the creative tree lacked roots, trunk and branches.

Of course, he was being figurative.  He meant passion and creativity is a messy business.  However, if you don't have passion, you simply can't get messy (chaotic ideas). You have to love it, live it, believe in it, be prepared to commit everything to it, everything else is secondary...  It's about passion. Getting to grips with that passion and utilising its energy.  That’s what makes us professional.

Albert Einstein's famously messy desk.

Creation through passion

Today, we have brought a team together with radically different experiences, encompassing all areas of both external and internal communication.  Mixing traditional marketing account experience, with state-of-the-art technology know-how and brand development expertise from a variety of industries, we focus on developing passion in your business and through it create communications that build your brand.  It is reflected through every interaction with us, right from the first discussion, to meeting our creatives and seeing the end results.  Our passion is evident at all times.

Reflected through our brand

This includes our corporate colour. Colour Theory goes back many years; indeed, it was initially developed by Sir Isaac Newton. The latest incarnation of the theory has been produced by Johannes Itten, whilst teaching at the School of Applied Arts in Weimar, Germany, also known as Bauhaus. According to the theory, our red-orange corresponds to desire, passion, pleasure and a thirst for action. It stimulates mental activity and, as such, reflects our very nature.