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Updating CIMAC's Global Branding to reflect Innovation and Technology for a Sustainable Future 

As times go by, we all need a bit of a refresh. Adlabs were asked to redesign the identity for CIMAC along with their brand imagery to reflect their environmental and digital brand values. The International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) is a registered association that represents the worldwide interests of the large engine industry. It is is a worldwide non-profit association consisting of National Member Associations, National Member Groups and Corporate Members in 26 countries in America, Asia and Europe. Worldwide members include all major engine manufacturers, engine users such as shipowners, utilities and rail operators, component suppliers, fuel and lubricant companies, research organisations, classification societies, universities and other interested bodies.

The Cool Blue of the digital future, ignited by a spark of an engine provided the colour framework for the new identity for CIMAC. 


CIMAC's Global brand identity


CIMAC brand colours

CIMAC brand typography

Our aim was to support and portray CIMAC’s strategy levers through artistic and dynamic images that engaged and intrigued audiences.  The newly created visuals are used across Congress’ tool kit: invitations, papers, brochures & leaflets and websites.


CIMAC digitalisation
Environment: CO2 and polluting exhaust gases optimisation

The stylistic objectives needed to be dynamic and compelling – showcasing the motion and scale of the industry. We engaged the reader through the creative use of colour, composition and lighting, along with a mix of real & 3D approaches. The results were refreshing and friendly, with that warm, human touch.

Naturally, we used contextual activities and environments to help tell CIMAC’s story in 2019.

CIMAC Panama Canal
Illustrating autonomous shipping: a solution for crowded waterways – demonstrating the sharing of data & interrelationships across the various entities/vessels to optimise the space between the vessels

CIMAC - Large internal combustion engine focus
Focus on the internal combustion engine

CIMAC - Autonomous shipping
Example system integration images: to showcase the overall ecosystem, featuring the array of applications connected and integrated with the internal combustion engine (multiple technologies, fuels and industries work in concert across the ecosystem to provide reliable, economic and environmental solutions).